Strawberry Nails Tutorial by @Alpsnailart

Strawberry Nails Tutorial by @Alpsnailart

My Yummylicious Strawberry Nails Tutorial is here..

I Experimented something and happy how the final result of my strawberry nails turned out. I created this strawberry nails back in Nov. 2013.   I had shared it only with few of my nail art friends  and they appreciated it but I never planned to make strawberry nail art tutorial until I was requested by  Nail It mag. This  motivated me to do my first post for them in March, 2014 and i did this Strawberry nails tutorial.

Following are the steps to create the strawberry nails:

Products Used:

Red Polish – Oriflame True Red
Green Polish – China Glaze Starboard
Base Coat and Top Coat – Naio UK
Thin nail art Brush

Strawberry Nails Tutorial by @Alpsnailart

1. Apply red nail polish over a base coat.
2. Paint multiple coats of red polish to build up the required thickness. Apply a layer of top coat in between each coat to prevent red getting too dark.
3. Check the depth using a toothpick. If required apply additional coats. More the coats, better would be the texture.
4. When the polish is 90% dry, use the toothpick to create the texture.
5. With the help of a thin nail art brush, draw a green curve on the cuticles.


6.  Incase you get a smudge don’t start all over again. Simply apply an additional coat.
7. Since my polish was very thin, I have applied here 10 to 12 coats including top coat. Using cream polish would help get thick layer in fewer coats.
8. Optional – You may place tiny caviar balls for the seeds.

I hope you like this easy to do strawberry nails tutorial. If you  recreate this strawberry nails, please feel free to share with me. You can use hashtag #lookalpsnailart on IG and FB.

I am happy to see all the positive responses I received for my strawberry nails.. ( Check the featured on section).


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